The National Podcast Association was formed to create a nationwide community and provide resources for podcasters and podcast industry professionals.
According to statistics provided by there are over 900,000 podcasts across North America and over 90 million people listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. The statistics show that podcasts continue to gain popularity and hundreds of new podcasts are launched on a daily basis.

Our mission is to provide resources and exposure to our members. As the Podcasting Industry continues to grow each and every day, we will continue to make podcast enthusiasts aware of the thousands of great podcasts available for them indulge in.

The National Podcast Association was formed by industry leader and digital media executive, Allison Phillips.

Allison Phillips has an extensive resume in the digital media world having produced thousands of podcasts and most recently serving as President of the Wisconsin Podcast Association, an organization she launched in 2019 and now founded the National Podcast Association in 2021. Allison’s broad experience and ability to juggle many ventures is where her story begins. Achieving her bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts at Parkside University she then moved to Los Angeles after college, earning her SAG membership as a professional actor. She then landed a dream job at the Academy of Arts & Sciences (EMMY AWARDS), one of the more influential jobs she has ever held. She then made her way back to Wisconsin to try her hand at business ownership as the flagship store owner, Hollywood Threads to then determine, media was her passion. In 2015, she started EDGE Marketing; creating websites, merchandise, marketing materials that later formed into Podcasting. Starting a podcast with then exiled radio legend Wes McKane and creating a new way for radio personalities to be heard, they launched the podcast; Radio Reject with Wes and longtime radio personality and Former KISS FM Program Director,  Jojo Martinez. 

They were making Podcasts, before Podcasts were even cool and no one knew what their were doing. But they blazed the trail and EDGE Podcast Network was born. They added shows with local and national celebrities; DJ Shawna, Keith Tozer, Ian Bennet, Mike Wickett, Haze & Jasen and DudeFoods. In 2019, the dream job from all those years ago at the EMMYS became the jumping off point when Philip’s imagined a place for podcasters to come together and be recognized and appreciated, and so the Wisconsin Podcast Association was established. That same year, the WPA teamed up with iHeart Radio and branched into events, producing the first ever Wisconsin Podcast Festival and the Wisconsin Podcast Choice Awards.

In 2020, the world took one nosedive towards a new normal and the foreseeable future was in our very own homes. This led to the influx of creatives looking for an outlet. As of January 2021, there are over 900,000 podcasts across North America and over 90 million people listen to podcasts monthly. The statistics show that podcasts continue to gain popularity and hundreds of new podcasts are launched daily. The landscape of the Podcasting world continues to grow and become more accepted in mass media, the National Podcast Association was conceived to add a place for podcasters from the United States and throughout to turn for resources, connections, ideas and networking. Connections made…. ideas discovered….visions into realities…one voice at a time.

Private Investigator, Marketing Guru, Investigative Researcher, AV Engineer & Producer, Artist, Songwriter, Creator, Podcast Host, Motivational Speake​r & Teller of bad jokes.
Since 2004, KatieBeth has been writing songs, jumping off stages, singing her face off and performing all over the US. This small-town girl with BIG Nashville dreams has always kept busy. Living in Nashville for 2 years, showed her what was important and what she was willing to sacrifice to make dreams happen. While pursuing music full time, she has worked a full-time job and in 2016 she went back to school as a full-time student completing her Double Major Bachelor’s Degree in 2020. In 2019 she joined the rocket to the stratosphere train that is EDGE Podcast Network to help a friend carry some of the load of the crazy train that was Allison Phillip’s dream. They both realized quickly that the friendship that started as work; became a partnership, bouncing ideas, trying out anything that could “maybe work”.. and these crazy conceptions developed beyond just a job. It metamorphosed into this “thing” they were building. Standing in the trenches through cancer, surgeries, a pandemic, huge life altering break ups, family illnesses, and finding their footing in the ever-changing media business. These two have formed a bond that reinforces the belief that the sky is the only limit. With the surge of podcasting in the insanity that was 2020; the once not possible, National Podcast Association, wasn’t so farfetched anymore.